Chevrolet Tahoe (2007) – H11 6000k XenonDepot HID

August 28, 2009

The xenon kit installation was self-explanatory and the installation took about 45 minutes (mostly because of Chevy’s poor headlight design – since I had to take out the headlights in order to install the bulbs). You can see and feel the kit’s materials are of supreme quality and the end result both looks professional and… it makes other drivers stare in awe. Also, I passed about 15 poice cars yesterday – and none pulled me over. This xenon kit is so high quality – it looks like it came with the car!

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Lotus Elise HID Conversion Install Guide With Pictures

August 19, 2009

Please Note: The information in this guide is provided in the hope that it might be useful in researching your own lighting. Absolutely no assurance or guarantee is made that anything here is correct, factual, or moral. Any loss, damage, or legal violation — even if explicitly instructed — is your own fault and not the responsibility of the author.

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Honda Civic 2008 – 9006 4300K HID Kits (Philips Bulbs)

August 17, 2009

Entire Honda Civic (2008) 9006 4300K HID Kit (Phillips Bulbs) Install Here!












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Honda Civic (2009) 9006 4300K HID Kit

August 13, 2009

This is not a complete write up as I don’t think one is necessary as so many people have written one up I think just the pictures is needed with a few comments.

It is not a complex install. Thanks to the xenon kit. It really is plug and play. Thank you again Xenon Depot ( KB car stuff).

Pulling the car apart is the hardest part of this job.
Knowing how to pull the car apart with out damaging it is important.
So if you have a little mechanical knowledge, you will be able to do this job. If not ask a friend.
Again its not that hard.

I forewarned my wife that I will have to pull the new car apart.
I should have had a camera ready when she came out to look at the car. The look at her face was priceless.
civic 6

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GSXR 600/750 (2006)- H7 4300k Motorcycle HID Upgrade

August 11, 2009

Hey, just wanted to share also my HID Kit install.

I purchased this from A bit pricey but I wanted to use a Genuine Philips Bulb since i’ve used some generic brands before and had trouble with it.

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2008 Toyota 4Runner w/ Sunroof Premium LED Dome Lights

August 6, 2009 now carries interior LED upgrades for the 4Runner. XD has offered the LEDs since late March. My apologies to XD and Steve for the late review. The LEDs are vehicle specific application. The LEDs are made by Putco and carry a lifetime warranty.

I have noticed these LEDs fade smoothly unlike the ones in my other car, which flickers a bit as it dims.

I’ve used other LEDs from competing sites and I have many that have developed a flickering. The flickering is very noticeable that it looks like a rave. The others have just burnt out, yielding a much shorter life span one would expect from LEDs.

The Putco LEDs are well worth it.

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