HID Kits – Price VS Quality

November 27, 2009

HID bulbs and ballasts are not created equally. Our HID Kits OEM grade HID bulbs and ballasts to ensure the quality and durability of our product. Our HID Kits are assembled in high tech ISO and TUV certified facilities. Poor quality HID Kits can have failure rates of around 10% right out of the box and potentially last only 1-2 months. Our HID Kits have a failure rate of approximately 0.05% (based on 9 years of selling HID lighting products). Beware of merchants selling low grade HID Kits that can be a potential fire hazard to your vehicle. Many HID Kit vendors often do not understand the the technical aspect of the product they are selling. They are attracted to low costs and boasted warranties. Many low cost HID Kits being sold in the market are now using DC ballasts. These ballasts do not have transformers to convert DC to AC thus DC power is being supplied to the bulb. This will damage the bulb electrodes and greatly reduce bulb life. Damaged electrodes will cause the bulb gases to leak gradually and result in total bulb failure. HID bulbs do not burn hotter than halogen bulbs however they do put out a significant amount of UV. Our bulbs use German made Philips anti-uv quartz glass to ensure that no damage is done to your vehicle’s headlights. Lower grade HID bulbs do not use proper quartz glass to save costs and will end up damaging your vehicle’s headlamps over time. Do not compromise your safety when it comes to automotive lighting.


9006 8000K Xtreme Digital HID Kit installed in a 2008 Honda Civic

November 27, 2009

9006 8000k Xtreme Digital 8000K HID Kit installed in 2008 Honda Civic

Xtreme 8000k HID Kit

We recently had a customer that installed our Xtreme Digital HID Kit in his 2008 Honda Civic coupe send us over some pictures. The Xtreme Digital 8000K HID Kit is designed to provide an intense blue output. Thanks for sharing! Please visit www.KBcarstuff.com Testimonials for more pictures.

SEMA Show 2009 Random Pictures

November 20, 2009

We recently travelled to Las Vegas to attend the SEMA & AAPEX shows. Here are a couple of random shots we wanted to share

Odyssey LED Dome Light Upgrade

November 11, 2009

Check out our all new Honda Odyssey LED Dome light kit!

LED Dome Light kit for Honday Odyssey

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