LED Dome Light installed in 2008 Honda Odyssey

February 24, 2010

One of our customers recently installed an LED Dome Light in their 2008 Honda Odyssey. This Premium LED Dome Light kit includes 7 LED panels and is plug and play – no wiring knowledge required. This LED Dome light is the best way to maximize the interior lighting in your vehicle, its the brightest dome light upgrade out there!

Be sure to check out the complete review along with  installation pictures.  A big thanks goes out to our customer for submitting this to us.


9006 HID Kit installed in a 2008 Honda Civic

February 23, 2010

We would like to thank our customer for sending us pictures of the Volt 6000K HID Kit installed in his 2008 Honda Civic.  The Volt 6000K HID Kit offers a bright white output with a very slight blueish tone. The 2008 Honda Civic uses a 9006 bulb for the low beam meaning that our customer had to purchase a 9006 HID Kit to upgrade the low beam on the vehicle.

6000K HID Kit

9006 HID Kit installed in Honda Civic

194 LED Parking Light Upgrade

February 8, 2010

We recently had a customer try out the Putco 194 LED 360 degree bulbs to upgrade the parking lights on his Lexus GS. This customer previously used standard halogen 194 bulbs and wanted to increase the amount of light from his parking lights. He also wanted to better match his D4S HID low beams.

194 LED Bulb Parking Light Upgrade

194 LED Bulb Parking Light Upgrade

Please visit our 194 LED Bulb Review for more pictures of this installation. This review will also post detailed installation instructions on how to install your 194 LED replacement bulb to upgrade the parking lights on your Lexus vehicle.