Honda Odyssey 9006 Xtreme 4300K HID kit

April 16, 2010

Another great review from one of our Customers. This customer installed our Xtreme HID Kit in 4300K on their Honda Odyssey. The Odyssey uses a 9006 bulb meaning a 9006 HID Kit was used. 4300K color temperature will provide crisp, white natural light output. It is the brightest kit that we offer and is perfect if you are looking for the “OEM” look. Have a look at some of the pics.

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2010 Lexus GX460 Xtreme 4300K Philips HID kit

April 14, 2010

We recently received these great pictures from a customer that installed our  Xtreme Philips HID kit in their Lexus GX460. The 2010 Lexus GX460 uses an H11 bulb on the low beams meaning this customer purchased an H11 HID kit. The Xtreme 4300K Philips HID kit uses genuine German made Philips bulbs which are built to last long and provide the brightest light output.

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Honda Accord Coupe 2010 LED interior lighting upgrade, back up lights + licence plate

April 12, 2010

One of our customers recently upgraded their interior lighting with our Putco LED Lighting. This customer installed our premium Interior LED dome light kit which comes with 2 map lights and 1 dome light for the Accord. The customer also installed 921 LED replacement bulbs for the back up lights.  The pictures speak for themselves – there is no comparison between the factory interior lighting and the aftermarket LED lighting!

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Honda Accord 2007 HID kit installation – 9006 4300K VOLT HID Digital Kit

April 9, 2010

Have a look at some of these great pictures one of our customers submitted ! They installed a Volt HID kit in their Honda Accord. The Accord uses a 9006 bulb on the low beams therefore a 9006 Volt HID Kit was installed. This customer went with 4300K for the color temperture for crisp, natural, white light output. Our HID kits are easy to install, they are designed to be plug and play.

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