Jeep Grand Cherokee Xtreme HID Conversion kit installed in Fogs

September 28, 2010

Upgrading your Fog Lights to Xenon/HID is a very popular upgrade to do if you want to maximize the light output on your Grand Cherokee. Installing an Xtreme Digital HID Conversion Kit will definitely get you there! This customer wanted the HID’s in his Fog lights to match up with his Low Beams so he went with 4300k color temperature for the brightest light output. The Grand Cherokee uses an H10 bulb in the Fogs so you will need an H10 Xtreme Digital HID Conversion Kit.

Take a look at the difference it makes!




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September 17, 2010


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Honda Accord 2008 – H11 4300k Xtreme Xenon HID Conversion Kit

September 17, 2010

With a set of high quality factory installed Projector Headlights, the 2008+ Honda Accord Coupe is a perfect candidate for an HID kit. The Accord uses an H11 bulb on the low beams therefore an H11 HID kit is needed for the application. The 4300k color temperature HID kit will provide the brightest possible light output and will also give you an OEM look.The factory installed projectors will also ensure a very sharp cutoff and beam pattern.

Toyota Corolla 2010 – 9006 5000k Xtreme Xenon HID conversion Kit and Putco Halogen Performance Bulbs in Fogs and High Beams

September 15, 2010

Here are a few awesome pics of our Xtreme HID conversion Kit installed in a 2010 Toyota Corolla. The Corolla uses a 9006 bulb on the low beams meaning you will need a 9006 5000k Xtreme Xenon HID conversion Kit. The 5000k color temperature is a perfect balance of usable light output and color – it puts out super bright light output and has a slight bluish hue to it.

This customer also installed Putco Jet Yellow halogen performance bulbs in the Fogs. This application provides intense yellow light output which is perfectly suitable for your Fog lights as it does a very good job at cutting through dense fog and rain.

If you are looking to upgrade the light output in your Toyota Corolla, you really can’t go wrong with XenonDepot’s Xtreme HID Kit – proven since 2001 and backed by a 3 year warranty.

Xtreme 4300k HID kit installed in Lexus GX 470

September 8, 2010

As nice of an SUV the Lexus GX 470 is, it does have a disadvantage – no optional HID/ Xenon Lighting! Yes you get Projector Headlights but what good are they without an HID kit?

XenonDepot can take care of that! The Lexus GX 470 uses an H11 bulb on the low beams so in order to upgrade your lighting all you will need is an H11 HID kit.

This customer went with 4300k color temperature for the brightest possible light output. Xtreme HID kits are very easy to install and come with a 3 year legitimate warranty that is handled directly through XenonDepot.

Custom Winter Floor Mats for your Car, Truck and SUV

September 7, 2010

Summer has come and gone and the cold, wet, snowy weather is just around the corner. If you want a set of Winter Floor Mats that will preserve the interior of your vehicle against the harsh elements associated with winter driving, take a look at these high quality RubberTite Mats by Lloyd Mats.

These RubberTite Mats use a synthetic rubber product featuring a contemporary pattern of rounded “wells” across the entire mat surface.  These “wells” provide the capacity to trap water, mud, snow, dirt and spills and are specially designed without hard angles for easy cleaning with the spray of a hose. These Winter Floor Mats offer the best in protection from snow, salt, mud and rain.

Not only do these Rubber Floor Mats work great at trapping snow and slush but they also stay flexible even in sub-freezing temperatures which makes cleaning a breeze.