*New* Putco Automotive LED Bulbs – Made In The USA!

October 27, 2010

Check out these SUPER BRIGHT High Power LED Replacment bulbs we just got from Putco! These bulbs are extremely bright, come with a Lifetime Warranty and are built right in the USA!  These LED Replacement Bulbs use high power Nichia LED Diodes for the brightest possible output (rated at 100 lumens per diode) which are rated at 50,000 hours.  These ALL NEW LED Replacement Bulbs are available in different fitments and color so that they can upgrade a wide variety of applications.  They also feature Digital Polarity for ease of installation!

Putco T Type LED Replacement bulb – Single point projection. Perfect for areas short on space such as License Plate, Glove Compartment and Mirrors.

Available fitments:

194 High Power LED Replacement bulb – White

194 High Power LED Replacement bulb – Amber

194 High Power LED Replacement bulb – Red

194 High Power LED Replacement bulb – Blue

Putco B Type LED Replacement bulb – Flank Style. Perfect for Step/Coutresy lights and other bulbs that sit sideways

194 High Power Flank LED Replacement bulb – White

194 High Power Flank LED Replacement bulb -Amber

194 High Power Flank LED Replacement bulb – Red

194 High Power Flank LED Replacement bulb – Blue

Putco Neutron LED lighting – rated at 240 lumens. World’s Brightest LED bulb! Perfect for Reverse/Back up lights!

Available in –

1156 Neutron LED – Amber

1156 Neutron LED – Red

1156 Neutron LED – White

1157 Neutron LED – Amber

1157 Neutron LED – Red

1157 Neutron LED – White

3156 Neutron LED – Amber

3156 Neutron LED – Red

3156 Neutron LED – White

3157 Neutron LED – Amber

3157 Neutron LED – Red

3157 Neutron LED – White

7443 Neutron LED – Amber

7443 Neutron LED – Red

7443 Neutron LED – White


SEMA 2010

October 26, 2010

Make sure to subscribe to our blog to see some pictures from the upcoming 2010 SEMA show in Las Vegas. We will be taking pictures and uploading them to our blog throughout the show! WordPress has been kind enough to let us try out their latest iPhone Application to enable us to blog right from our iPhone!

2010 Chevrolet Camaro and 2010 Ford Mustang Halo Projector Headlights

October 14, 2010

The wait is over! 2010 Chevrolet Camaro Projector Headlights and 2010 Ford Mustang Projector Headlights have finally arrived! Now you can upgrade your Camaro and Mustang’s lighting and give your vehicle that personal touch. Not only do these Projector Headlights look great, they also feature new generation CCFL Angel Eye Halo rings (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) which burn brighter and last longer than a standard halo ring. The Headlights are securely mounted using the original screws & nuts of the OEM parts – no drilling required!

Pick up a set of Projector Headlights for your Camaro or Mustang today!


2010 Ford Mustang Projector Headlights

Lloyd Mats Rubbertite Car Floor Mats installed in Jeep Grand Cherokee

October 8, 2010

Here are some more great pics of the Rubbertite Mats installed in a Grand Cherokee. These are perfect if you are looking for high quality Winter Floor Mats for your vehicle. They are great at trapping water, snow, mud and dirt and are also very easy to clean. Pick up a set of our Lloyd Floor Mats today and take advantage of Free Shipping for a limited time!

Lloyd Mats Rubbertite Mats Jeep CherokeeLloyd Floor Mats in Jeep CherokeeRubbertitle Winter Floor Mats























Honda Odyssey with Lloyd Mats Rubbertite Floor mats

October 6, 2010

If you are looking to protect the interior of your Honda Odyssey look no further than Rubbertite mats by Lloyd Mats.These  Car Floor Mats are synthetic rubber product featuring a contemporary pattern of rounded “wells” across the entire mat surface. These “wells” provide the capacity to trap water, mud, snow, dirt and spills and are specially designed without hard angles for easy cleaning with the spray of a hose.

If you have kids you know how hard it is to keep the inside of your vehicle clean. These Winter Floor Mats are custom cut for a perfect fit and exceptional floor protection. They also offer the best protection against snow and mud. They will stay flexible even in sub-freezing temperatures which makes cleaning them a breeze.

honda odyssey lloyd mats Rubbertite Floor Mats

Rubbertite mats are great for protecting against spills

Honda Civic Si featuring Ultimat Car mats by Lloyd Mats

October 6, 2010

Here are some great pictures of Lloyd Ultimat Car Floor Mats installed in a Honda Civic Si. Ultimat Car Floor Mats are made with two pounds of premium, two-ply nylon yarn in every square yard for soft texture and durability. Ultimats use two strand twisted, heat set yarn in every carpet tuft, to give greater density and wear resistance. If you are looking for a set quality Car Floor Mats pick up a set of Lloyd Ultimat Car Mats and take advantage of free shipping for a limited time!

Jeep Cherokee LED Lights Upgrade

October 5, 2010

Upgrading your WK Jeep Cherokee lights to LED has never been easier thanks to our Jeep Cherokee LED upgrade kit.  This LED Light kit will upgrade the front map lights on your Cherokee and the rear map lights to LED. This high quality automotive LED upgrade will use the brightest and most durable LED diodes available in the market. Unlike lower cost LED alternatives, the LED bulbs used in this kit will be able to dim just like your stock bulbs!!

Here are some more bulbs that many of our WK Jeep Cherokee customers choose to upgrade to LED.

1) Dome and Map Light LED Upgrade – To upgrade the interior map lights and dome lights you would need to order our Jeep Cherokee interior LED kit. This kit will upgrade your front map lights and rear map lights to LED.

2) Footwell LED Upgrade – The WK Jeep cherokee uses 921 bulbs for the footwells. You would need to order our 921 LED bulbs to upgrade the interior foot well lights to LED. These 921 LED bulbs are sold in pairs meaning that you would only need to order one set. You would just need to select what color LED bulb you want to order.

3) License Plate Lights – The WK Jeep Cherokee uses a 194 bulb for the license plate meaning that you would need to get our 194 LED bulb to upgrade your license plate light to LED. Given that you are limited in space when upgrading your license plate to LED you would need to get the standard wedge 194 LED bulbs (not the 360 style). Once again, you would just need to select what color you want to get. Most people go for the white 194 LED bulb for the license plate.

4) Vanity Lights – To upgrade your vanity lights, you would need to get our vanity LED upgrade. These LED bulbs will be a direct replacement for your OEM festoon style bulb.

5) Cargo Light – You will need to get another 921 LED bulb to upgrade the cargo light on your WK Jeep Cherokee.

Don’t settle for low cost poor quality automotive LED bulbs when it comes to upgrading the lights on your Jeep Cherokee.  Our high quality automotive LED bulbs will be brighter, more durable, and provide you with the performance you are looking for!