Xtreme 4300k 9006 HID kit installed in 2003 Toyota 4Runner

January 7, 2011

Below are some awesome pictures of our Xtreme HID kit installed in a 2003 Toyota 4Runner. The 2003 4Runner uses 9006 bulbs on the low beams meaning you will need to get a 9006 HID kit. This customer selected 4300K color temperature to achieve maximum light output. The Xtreme HID kit uses German components and is covered by a 3 year warranty. It also comes with a relay harness which gives you the option to power the HID kit right from the battery.

Check out the complete 4Runner HID install guide.

Xtreme Digital HID Kit in Toyota 4Runner9006 HID Kit with 4300K color light output


2011 Honda Odyssey HID Conversion Kit

January 5, 2011

The 2011 Honda Odyssey is completely redesigned for this year. It also now comes with stock Projector Headlights which make it a perfect candidate for an HID Conversion Kit. The 2011 Odyssey uses an H11 bulb on the low beams meaning you will need to install an H11 HID Kit. The customer who sent us the pics below opted to go for the Xtreme HID kit with Philips 4300k bulbs for the brightest possible light output. With stock projectors and a 4300K HID kit the Honda Odyssey will look as if it came with factory installed HID’s.

Check out our Honda Odyssey HID Kit Installation page for the complete DIY guide.

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Honda Odyssey with 4300k HID kit and Philips bulbs