Fake German Made Philips HID Kits and Bulbs – BUYER BEWARE!

June 28, 2011

With the increase in “Philips HID Kits” being sold in the market I figured I would put together this little blog explaining a couple of things to look for when purchasing an HID kit that uses genuine German made Philips bulbs/ballast.

1) Philips HID kit: There are many vendors in the market claiming to sell a “Philips HID kits” that use genuine German made Philips bulbs and ballasts. These kits are often sold at higher pricing given the “Philips” brand name. Unfortunately, this kit DOES NOT  use genuine German made Philips bulbs and ballasts. This kit uses Chinese made bulbs and ballasts by “Philips” approved facilities. To make things even more complicated, there are now companies selling Fake Chinese made Philips kits….. An HID kit that uses genuine German made Philips bulbs and ballasts will cost you  approximately $300-500 USD given the high cost of Philips components.  Do not be fooled by vendors claiming to sell “Philips” HID kits at discounted prices as you are potentially getting a Chinese made HID kit at a higher cost. While the quality of the Chinese components may be good (depending on the kit you purchase), do not spend more money on it because you think it uses genuine German made Philips bulbs and ballasts.  Here is an example of one fake Philips HID Kit:

Fake Philips HID Kit

Fake Philips HID Kit


XenonDepot used to carry HID kits that used Genuine German made Philips bulbs and ballasts. This kit retailed for roughly $400-$500 USD at the time due the high cost of the components. Philips ballasts are great for OEM HID applications however they are also designed for OEM HID applications.  In OEM HID applications the ballasts are usually encased within the headlight protecting them from water damage. In aftermarket HID kit applications the ballasts are mounted outside the headlight where they are susceptible to weather damage. While Philips ballasts do have an internal seal they are not completely waterproof. As a result, we phased out the Philips ballasts and replaced them with our super high quality Xtreme HID ballasts. These ballasts are designed specifically for aftermarket HID applications as they are epoxy sealed and water tight. For those people that are still interested in getting an HID kit that utilizes genuine German made Philips bulbs I would suggest looking at this Xtreme Philips HID kit. This kit uses genuine German made Philips bulbs and our top of the line Xtreme HID kit ballasts.

2) Ultinon D2S bulbs: WOW… I can’t believe all the vendors selling fake Philips 6000k D2S Ultinon bulbs. I also can’t believe how good some of these fakes really are. I’m so tired of seeing vendors selling these bulbs for a high price to unsuspecting customers. I got a hold of these awesome pictures (Thanks HID CONCEPT!) depicting the differences between the fake Philips Ultinon bulbs and Genuine Philips Ultinon bulbs. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE forward this information on as you will not believe how many people are falling for this scam.

Fake Philips Ultinon Bulbs

Fake Philips Ultinon Bulbs

Fake Philips Ultinon 6000k D2S Bulbs

Fake Philips Ultinon 6000k D2S Bulbs


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June 23, 2011

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2008 Honda Accord Coupe LED Tail Lights

June 20, 2011

Take a look at these awesome pictures a customer sent us of his 2008 Honda Accord Coupe with Accord LED Tail lights installed.

Project X Blogs About Volt HID Kit

June 15, 2011

Summer school ended! Freedom! So, since I have the time, I will be writing a writeup (and comparison) of my recent mod: 35W 5000k HID for 9006 Bulb size (Low Beam), that was done today.

Therefore, I resorted to the last option: XenonDepot’s Volt HID Kit. XenonDepot seemed to have great reviews from many of the forums such as 8thCivic.com. They’re active participants in the forums so customer inquiries were handled quickly. I decided to give this a shot as my total ended up being about the price of my first DDM setup. Three days after ordering, I got the kit from UPS. I would include an opinion of UPS’ computer system but that is irrelevant and you guys must be bored from reading this story. Upon reception of the parcel, I was very satisfied as the box/packaging was an actual company name unlike DDM’s China Kit. There is acually a trademark name for Volt Digital.

The cutoff for now seems good. I haven`t tested it in the dark yet. Stay tuned to the gallery for night pics and updates on anything new regarding this kit 🙂 I will give this product a 10/10 as it seemed to work on the first try and the color of the bulb looks good. XenonDepot.com is definitely worthy to buy again. The installation is about 3/5, 3 being moderately difficult due to Honda`s bad designs.

Continue Reading the rest of the set up at Project X Blog


WeatherTech Window Visors on a 2007 Honda Civic SI

June 13, 2011

Here are some pictures of a customers 2007 Honda Civic SI with WeatherTech Window Visors installed!

As you can see the installation is pretty straightforward and shouldn’t take you more then 20 minutes to install both sides.

WeatherTech Window Deflectors are a great add-on to any vehicle as they provide you with great;

  • OEM quality
  • Sleek aerodynamic styling
  • No unsightly exterior tape
  • Minimizes interior heat when parked
  • Maximize your fresh air enjoyment.
  • Optically transparent
  • Helps reduce wind noise


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June 10, 2011

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How To Properly Clean Your Lloyd Mats

June 9, 2011

Whats the best way of cleaning and keeping my Lloyd Floor Mats clean? Here is a great “how to” directly from the company that makes them!

Lloyd Mats Warranty

Lloyd Mats are warranted against defects in design, workmanship and materials for a period of five years from the date of purchase. Normal wear and the requirement for periodic cleaning are not considered as defects. To submit mats for warranty evaluation, return mats with proof of purchase date to your Dealer.

Cleaning Instructions


Dirt and particles are abrasive on the fibers of the mat. By vacuuming often, the mat not only looks better, but lasts longer.


  1. Use rug shampoo or a dish washing detergent and water with a soft brush.
  2. Always work with mat laying on a flat surface.
  3. Using mostly the foam/suds part of the shampoo solution, scrub mat in the one direction that pile lays.
  4. Use small amount of clear water to rinse the mat.
  5. Let your mat dry by laying flat in an outdoor, sunny area.
  6. Vacuum to lift the pile.


Don’t soak your mat when shampooing or rinsing
Don’t soak your mat with solvents
Don’t scrub your mat with circular motion
Don’t wash your mat in a washing machine
Don’t dry your mat in a dryer
Don’t dry your mat by hanging over a a railing or clothes line