K&N Air Filters, Air Intakes and Oil Filters

April 19, 2011

KBcarstuff.com now carries K&N Products! From replacement performance air filters, cold air intakes to performance oil filters all with great prices.

K&N is the original high flow performance filter maker and a leader in the market since 1969. With thousands of automotive and motorcycle applications K&N products add more horsepower, fuel economy and each kit is designed to fit your car, truck or SUV.

Did you know that K&N air filters go through stringent filtration testing and scientific research to offer the best in high flow filter technology. Each year thousands of vehicles are tested in the US, UK and Netherlands to achieve the maximum out of each automobile.

K&N Air Filters

K&N Air Filters are made from cotton gauze and fitted nicely between aluminum wire meshes which allow more air flow while keeping dirt and derbies out. This is done by having oil on the filter to attract dirt and allowing more air to flow in. This provides an increase in oxygen for the engine which allows for more fuel to be injected resulting in more power. All this comes with a One million mile guarantee from K&N, since these air filters are reusable unlike factory OEM replacement filters. All K&N Air Filters can be cleaned with the recommended K&N Maintenance Kit.

K&N Air Intakes

Compared to regular air filters, Cold Air Intakes are much newer and K&N has been developing them since 1992 as one of the first manufactures. The cone of the air intake is made with cotton gauze and aluminum mesh just like the K&N performance air filters. That’s just the start though, as K&N Air Intakes are much bigger than your factory OEM air box, this allows an increase in air flow that turn into more horsepower while capturing more dirt.

What makes air intakes different is the fact that they replace your factory air filter system with a molded High Density Polyethylene tube or and aluminum tube that’s polished, powder coated or anodized. The molded Polyethylene systems offer the best in air intake design and the best possible horsepower numbers. While the aluminum intake system offers power with a stylish clean look.

K&N Oil Filters

K&N Oil Filters are unlike any other OEM filter, from their easy wrench-off to their durable construction and high-flow filter they make for a great replacement oil filter. It all started from the rich history of motorsports where the very first K&N Oil filter was made. Built to withstand the high temperatures and demand of racing, you know that performance oil filters will do the job for your every day commute.

Since K&N Oil Filters were made for racing, they offer many great features like a 1” nut on the top of the canisters for easy removal, safety wire holes on top of canister, Anti-drainback valve, internally lubricated gasket, rolled threads and resin-impregnated filter media. All this comes together and offers you a higher flow rate while providing outstanding filtration and reducing the loss of pressure.