Can-Am Spyder Roadster HID Kit Upgrade!

March 23, 2011

“The Can-Am Spyder (“Spyder”) is a three-wheeled motor vehicle (two wheels in the front, one in the rear) similar in layout to a modern snowmobile. The Spyder uses an ATV-like chassis with a single rear drive wheel, and two wheels in front for steering. It is often referred to as a “roadster” (a term that BRP uses themselves) but in technical terms is more of what has been traditionally called a three wheeled trike.

The Spyder has traction and stability control, and antilock brakes. In most US states the Spyder is licensed as a motorcycle. In California and Delaware only a regular driver’s license is required—however, helmet laws apply in California as they do for all motorcyclists. There is a luggage space under a “hood” at the front of the vehicle. Saddle bags, top boxes and other accessories for the Spyder are also in existence. The Spyder also has front and rear brakes which are both actuated by the same foot pedal, a true reverse gear, power steering and an optional electric shift transmission.”

The Can-Am spyder is a perfect candidate for an HID conversion kit. This roadster has dual projector headlamps for the low beams. Unfortunately, they come with halogen bulbs as opposed to HID bulbs. We recently had one of our customers install 2 of our Xtreme Motorcycle HID kits in her roadster and was kind enough to send us a picture of the outcome. Upgrading the lights on your motorcycle to HID is most likely one of the most useful modifications you can do. An HID conversion kit will increase your light output by approximately 2-3 times when compared to a standard halogen bulb. This additional light will clearly help you see better however it will also help you be seen by other motorists (which is just as important. Typically, our motorcycle customers looking to upgrade their lighting go for a 4300k HID kit to get the brightest and most functional light output.

Motorcycle HID Kit

XenonDepot Motorcycle HID Kit

Picture courtesy of: Katlyn “SpyderGirl” Gommerman