Great Exterior Protection with Mud Guards!

June 1, 2011

Everyday driving can be rough on your vehicle with all the elements you face – especially road debris that is kicked up from your tires. This can hit your running boards, quarter panels and get your doors all dirty and even damage your vehicle.

Adding Custom Mud Guards to your vehicle reduces the abuse it takes from daily driving conditions. Not only will you protect your own vehicle but others around you as well. WeatherTech mud guards offer you a great easy to install mud guard with their no drill system that’s built to fit your truck or SUV.

The Husky mud guards on the other hand provide a taller and wider mud flap with an easy to drill installation process. These are great if you go off-roading often  or simply work in rough conditions and need the added protection.

Each mud guard is a great choice! Both offering you unique features like WeatherTech’s no drill system and Husky offering you a wider and taller mud guard for greater protection for your vehicle.

No matter what vehicle you may drive, mud guards will be with you along the way to protect your vehicle from mud, rocks, asphalt and road debris all season long.