3000K Xtreme HID Kit Installed in a 2011 Honda Fit

October 26, 2011

2011 Honda Fit 3000K Xtreme HID Kit

Here are some recent pictures a customer sent us of his 2011 Honda Fit with an Xtreme HID Kit installed in his H11 fog lights.

The customer upgraded their fog lights with a 3000k Yellow HID Kit.  The intent of having yellow fog lights is to improve vision by removing shorter, blue wave lengths from the projected light. Aside from being functional, yellow fog lights actually look great! They offer a nice contrast when compared to your low beam headlights. Upgrading to a 3000K Xtreme HID Kit will also give your car, truck, or SUV a distinct look.


Xtreme HID Kit installed in Honda Civic

September 26, 2011

2010 Honda Civic Xtreme HID Kit

Check out these great pics of our Xtreme HID kit installed in a pair of 2010 Honda Civics. Both Civics went with 5000k for the headlights which offers a nice balance of color and usable light output.

The Xtreme HID Kit is available in 3000k, 4300k, 5000k, 6500k and 8000k color temperatures.

Great Looking HID Kit Pictures!

May 20, 2011

This customer recently installed our Xtreme 4300k HID Kit in his Acura NSX. Here are some pictures of the HID kit installed:

Here is our Xtreme 5000k D4S bulbs installed in a Lexus IS250 along with a Xtreme 3000K HID Kit for the fog lights.

This customer used our Xtreme 4300k HID Kit in his BRP Can-Am Spyder.

Acura RSX – 6500K Xtreme HID kit in Low Beams and 3000K Volt in Fogs

May 26, 2010

Below are some great pics of our new 3000K Volt HID kit installed in the fogs of an Acura RSX. The Acura RSX uses an H11 bulb in the fogs therefore an H11 HID kit was used for the application. This customer also installed our 6500K Xtreme HID kit in the low beams in an H1 fitment.

Grand Cherokee 3000k HID kit installed in fog lights

May 25, 2010

Here are some pics of a 3000K Xtreme HID Kit installed in the foglights of a Jeep Grand Cherokee. The Grand Cherokee uses an H10 bulb in the Fogs meaning that the customer had to install an H10 HID Kit. The 3000k HID kit will provide bright yellow light output which is the ideal color temperature for those who do a lot of driving in the rain and snow.

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Acura RSX H11 3K HID Conversion Kit.

May 7, 2009

Great review and install with pics – Acura RSX 3K HID Kit!

Check out some more information regarding our Xtreme HID Lighting kits please view this link:

Thanks to Steve @ XD for letting me test out the new XD 3000k kit. Here is my unbiased review.

The kit comes packed well, nice and sealed and insulated. The wires were nice and neat, very organized


Shot of the bulb out of the packaging. I made sure **NOT** to touch these with my fingers.


The instructions could have been a little more detailed, but they were easy to follow for the most part.


The bulb sits in there, my biggest worry is that there is no way to “click” it in place, as in it could rotate out on rough roads. I applied a small strip of tape there to hold it in place.


Time to apply the ballasts. They *WILL NOT* work here, I was hoping they would, but the bumper will not go back on with them placed here. It’s a perfect place though, too bad they dont fit.


Instead, using the provided double sided tape (seemed very strong) I placed the ballasts in the location of the square in this picture.


Each set of wires has 2 grounds, one for the car, one for the battery. I hid the wires well, taping them to my retrofit wires which are taped down along the frame. Wires in place, time for the first test shot!


Now I didn’t have many daytime / dusk pictures, as I was working on something else. I’ll have more daytime pics added at a later time, for now, here are some long shutter shots.


This one I believe was a 5 second shutter speed shot.

Nice black & white shot of the hid fogs

Shot of the view from behind the rsx. 30 second timer again


Shot from the side of the car, in the grass. I love the look of the HID fogs. I’ll try to get a cut off picture in a few days. They have a nice cut off for not having projectors. No real light comes up high. They spread out nice and wide too!

Cut-off of retrofits, w/ no hid fogs


Overall, I love the look they give off. I would recommend them to anyone who’s interested in the lighting aspect of the RSX. They go well with my retrofits. As I said the only problems are found are as follows; 1) the directions might need to be a little more detailed for non-experienced users 2) a way to secure the bulb in the slot 3) I wish they fit in my first location!

to XD and thanks a bunch to Steve for hooking me up with this kit!! I’ll save the first few spots of this thread for more pictures in the future. I’ll def have some pictures from the SoVA meet as well. I am excited about my XD 3000k kit.