Putco LED Bulbs and Halogen Performance Bulbs

September 30, 2011

Putco Halogen Performance Bulbs Jet Yellow

For those of you looking to upgrade your Fog Light Bulbs we recommend Putco Jet Yellow halogen bulbs. Yellow is the perfect option for fog lights since it will do a great job at penetrating through rain, fog and snow. Putco halogen bulbs are also a direct replacement for your stock bulbs and will fit right. No modification is necessary!

Still looking to do more? Replace your dim, worn out interior lighting with genuine Putco LED replacement bulbs. Installing an LED dome light and upgrading the footwell lighting with LED replacement bulbs will drastically improve your interior light output.

Putco LED replacement bulbs are among the best in quality and light output. They also come with a lifetime warranty!


LED Dome Light installed in 2008 Honda Odyssey

February 24, 2010

One of our customers recently installed an LED Dome Light in their 2008 Honda Odyssey. This Premium LED Dome Light kit includes 7 LED panels and is plug and play – no wiring knowledge required. This LED Dome light is the best way to maximize the interior lighting in your vehicle, its the brightest dome light upgrade out there!

Be sure to check out the complete review along with  installation pictures.  A big thanks goes out to our customer for submitting this to us.

Odyssey LED Dome Light Upgrade

November 11, 2009

Check out our all new Honda Odyssey LED Dome light kit!

LED Dome Light kit for Honday Odyssey

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2008 Toyota 4Runner w/ Sunroof Premium LED Dome Lights

August 6, 2009

XenonDepot.com now carries interior LED upgrades for the 4Runner. XD has offered the LEDs since late March. My apologies to XD and Steve for the late review. The LEDs are vehicle specific application. The LEDs are made by Putco and carry a lifetime warranty.

I have noticed these LEDs fade smoothly unlike the ones in my other car, which flickers a bit as it dims.

I’ve used other LEDs from competing sites and I have many that have developed a flickering. The flickering is very noticeable that it looks like a rave. The others have just burnt out, yielding a much shorter life span one would expect from LEDs.

The Putco LEDs are well worth it.

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GMC Acadia – Putco Interior LED Install

June 2, 2009

Putco Interior LED Kit Install Information

Here are install photos and tips from my installation of the Putco Interior LED Kit for an 08 GMC Acadia.

I purchased this kit from http://www.xenondepot.com.

Here are the links to the kits for the Acadia and Enclave.
There are 2 different kits one is for vehicles
without the overhead DVD player PUTCO part #980035,

and one for vehicles
with the overhead DVD player PUTCO part #980036.
There are no applications available according to the PUTCO site for the Outlook or Traverse.

I installed the kit without the DVD player, and the kit includes 8 wedge base bulbs with 1 LED in each bulb for the 8 overhead lights. The kit does not include the driver and passenger foot well, or rear lift gate lights.
The instructions that came with the package, showed the proper bulbs in the photos above, but the diagrams and instructions did not pertain to the Acadia at all. The installation took me 1 hour including time to take photos and notes. I could probably do it again in 20-30 minutes. I hope that with these instructions you can do it in about 30-45 mins.

Tools needed:

A small flat head screwdriver
A T10 torx head screwdriver

Prior to starting installation some may advise to disconnect the battery cables (the instructions did not say to do this), but I did not so that I could ensure the bulbs worked prior to putting the assembly back together. The bulb bases have 2 metal wire contacts, one on each side of the base, 1 short and 1 long. If the bulb is not installed with contacts facing the proper way then the light will not work. You will have to remove the bulb, turn it and reinstall.

I started with the front seat dome light with Homelink buttons. I used a small flat head screwdriver to get a small opening between the light and the headliner. Once I got my finger in, I used slight downward pressure and removed it from its 4 retaining clips holding it in place.
Once the unit is removed there is a wire harness with a green connector, push the release button (circled in photo) and detach it.
The actual light assembly has 3 Torx screws (T-10) holding it to the trim panel. Remove the 3 screws to access the bulbs (1 screw is under the green harness adapter, you can remove the green plug to access the screw if needed by releasing the locking clip underneath it with the small screwdriver and sliding it off). Removing the plug is not required.
The light assembly will look like the photo below.
I was unable to grasp the bulbs and remove them with my fingers, so I used the small flat blade screwdriver and pushed the base of the bulb from the back side of the assembly to pop them out.
Then insert the new LED bulbs. Reattach the green harness connector and push the light button to see if they work. If they don’t light up, then pop the bulb back out and turn it, then insert it. Try again… You should be good to go now. Reattach the light assembly to the trim panel with the 3 Torx screws, then push the Trim panel back into place with firm pressure to engage the metal clips.

The 2nd Row, 3rd row, and Cargo Area light assemblies are identical.
They all have 2 brass spring loaded clips, 2 retaining clips, and 4 black pieces of plastic that act as hinges holding them in place. The 2 brass spring loaded clips shown in the photo are located 2 ¼” towards the center from the outside edges of the trim. The 2nd row and Cargo area spring clips face the front of the vehicle, the 3rd row faces the rear.
Using the small screwdriver insert the tip into the void between the trim and headliner, gently pull down, you should see the 2 brass spring clips. Use the screwdriver and push inward on the clip to release it while pulling down with your hand. When the 2 spring clips are loosened, use gentle downward pressure, with slight pull in opposite direction (to pivot on the 4 pieces of plastic on the back side) of the brass clips to disengage the retaining clips in the top of the assembly.
When the light assembly is removed, you can disconnect the wire connector, to make it easier to remove screws and work on it.

Remove the 3 screws and remove and reinsert bulbs as mentioned with the front light assembly, ensure the bulbs work prior to reattaching everything. Push light assembly and trim piece back into place making sure the retaining clips on top fasten it in place.

Here are some before and after photos, I think KNOW my camera sucks with dark/night shots. The lights do not appear as bright as they really are, but you can tell the difference. I really like the Bright White with blue tint of the LED’s versus the factory Yellowish color.
Overall I like the kit, and the install was very easy. The included instructions didn’t really provide anything beneficial to the install but this isn’t a really technical project by any means. One thing that would make this kit really incredible is if it included the other lights for the foot wells, and lift gate, that would have really made the whole package that much better.

Original lights
Here are some other dark shots with a different camera. They are a little fuzzy. sorry

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 (2007) Putco Interior LED Install!

June 1, 2009

The box they come in


Packaging with some semi useful install tipsPUTCOLED002


Basically all you need are a set of thesePUTCOLED004

The picture provided shows you to use the tools to pull down on the lens cover as the back of the lens cover needs to pop out. If you still have your stock bulbs in there remove the deflector plate you will not use it again and simply install the new LED bulbs. I was a bit confused at first which was the left and right but the shape of them will indicate that for you as they are a flat panel LED with 6 mini LED bulbs, the back of the panel will snap into the oem housing then simply put the lens cover back on and your done.




Compared to the V-LED bulb on the right


Both in:


PUTCO LED Lighting Dome Kit for 06+ Lexus IS Models

May 13, 2009

Special Thanks to Steve of Xenon Depot for allowing me to test out these new LED’s for the Front & Rear interior dome lights…

PUTCO LED Lighting Dome Kit for 06+ Lexus IS Models

The Fronts are 194 style single LED with capsule diffusers (3 of them)


The Rears are LED boards that lock into palce with 4 on each one.. (2 of them)

This application will work on all model year IS250, IS350 & IS-F’s

I took a few pictures with the same camera setting to show the true color difference. But hard with just my point & shoot.

The new LED’s are a nice crisp & clean white output.

I like this setup very much and it looks a whole lot better than the regular bulbs.

Stock Dome Lighting:




Xenon Depot LED Dome Lighting:





I will have Xenon Depot join us in here, with more specifics on the actual bulbs & boards used.
Along with some actual product photos…

Big Thanks to PhilipMSPT for making this happen!!!

Joe Z

Here is a pic of the box & LEDs used.

So it would be (3) of the 194’s for the Front and (2) of the 4 LED boards for the 2IS…