XenonDepot HID kit installed in a new Chevrolet Equinox

December 21, 2011

If you own a 2010+ Chevrolet Equinox and are interested in getting some aftermarket upgrades for your new toy then consider a XenonDepot HID kit! Many of the new Chevrolet Equinox vehicles are equipped with factory projector headlights which make them a perfect candidate for an HID kit. Below are some pics of our 5000k HID kit – this color temperature will give you a crisp white output with a very slight hint of blue. The 2010+ Equinox uses H11 bulbs on the low beams meaning you will need an H11 HID kit.

The 2010+ Equinox does require an additional trick to set up an HID kit. It’s very simple to do and we provide everything you need to do the install. Contact us at 877-522-2701 to get more info!

Look at how sharp and defined that cut off is! All of our HID kits use laser aligned bulbs which means your stock beam pattern will be replicated.


A lot of people are also upgrading their high beam bulbs with Osram Nightbreaker Plus halogen bulbs – these bulbs are up to 90% brighter than stock and the quality is second to none! To upgrade these on your Equinox you will need Osram Nightbreaker Plus 9005 automotive bulbs