GMC Acadia Putco Interior LED Kit Install

July 29, 2009

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July 28, 2009

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Lexus GS300(1995)-9006-Xtreme HID 6500K

July 27, 2009

I just installed my Xtreme HID kit from Kbcarstuff

I received this product in a nice box where everything was secure and organized.

Installation: The entire installation took me about 45minutes including trying to find some screws to fasten down a few things and having no install instructions. It was easy to install and pretty much was common
sense to put together…

(Make sure your lights are off and key out of ignition)

1. I disconnected and took out my battery (make sure at least negative wire on battery is disconnected)

2. Remove old 9006 bulb (make sure it cooled down)

3. I put the new Xenon bulb in my original 9006 housing.

4. Connect Ballast plug to the other plug, which one wire is connected to the Relay and other wire is your ground* (One wire from Ballast should already be connected to Ignitor)

5.Connect Red & Blue plugs from Ignitor to Red & Blue plug of the new Xenon bulb.

6.Relay Plug connects to original bulb plug.

7.The Fuse is connected from relay which you want to connect positive terminal of Battery


* I connected the right side ground wire to the bar that is screwed in directly in front of battery.

Left Side: Follow the same procedure as right side. I grounded the wire
to a flat area on the metal bar. (You might find little, sticky,
circular things on the bar. I removed one and scratched the paint off
with a knife and screwed down the wire to the already made hole there.)

Final thoughts: I’m very happy with my new kit and Color temperature
matches of what I expected. These are a tad brighter than my Mom’s 2006
Lexus ES330 factory lights which I know are supposed to be around
4000-5000K. They worked up to my expectations and I feel like I have an
up to date vehicle. The cutoff is very fine and there is no glare. Very
high quality lights. I would recommend to anyone.

One improvement: I like it when the protective rubber is nice and thick and the smaller wires could be larger too.

Thank you for a good product and I will come back again!


Chrome Trim Accessories From Putco

July 23, 2009

We now offer the full line up of Chrome Trim Accessories from Putco! Complete the look of your car, truck, or SUV with wide selection of Chrome trim or get one of our Complete Chrome Trim Packages. All packages include chrome trim designed specifically for your vehicle. Made from GRADE ABS chrome; long lasting material designed to withstand the rigors of the elements. All parts are no drill, no cut and easily install in seconds.

We offer Chrome Mirror Overlays, Chrome Door Handles, Chrome Third Brake Light Covers, Chrome Tailgate Handles, Chrome B Pillar Posts, Chrome Trim Grilles, Chrome Tailgate Accents, Chrome Body Side Molding, Chrome Headlamp Overlays and Chrome Fuel Tank Door Covers.
tire ring
tail lights

Lexus GS 350 2008 – 6000k D4S HID Bulb Upgrade

July 20, 2009

HID 6000k D4S bulbs installed in a 2008 Lexus GS



Suzuki GSX R 1300 – 9005 4300k Motorcycle HID Conversion Kit

July 16, 2009

Hello Steve,

I’m just writing to you to send a photo of my hayabusa ( suzuki GSX R 1300 ) with a xenon kit.

I will be very happy if you put my photo in your gallery.

thank you.












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Acura RSX Testimonial – H1 6000k XenonDepot kit

July 14, 2009

Check out some more information regarding our Xtreme HID Lighting kits:

Tools Required:

10mm ratchet and socket
At least an 8 inch extension for the ratchet and socket
Small and medium flat head screwdrivers
Medium Phillips head screwdriver
Wire cutters
Wire crimpers
Electrical Tape
Small Connectors
30amp Fuses (at least 4)
Dremel Tool
Step 1: Remove the six clips on top of the bumper. Use a flat head screw driver and be very careful.

Tip: You may want to put a piece of tape around the end of the screw driver for extra protection from scratches
Step 2: Remove the six clips on the bottom of the bumper. There are 4 across the center and one on each side in front of each wheel.
Step 3: Remove the four screws from the bottom of the bumper. There are two on each side in front of each wheel.
Step 4: Remove the two screws that are located in the fenderwell. There is only one screw per side. It is located in between the bottom and the top of the fender.
Step 5: Remove the top two 10mm bolts from each of the headlamps.
Step 6: Remove the 10mm bolt on the side of each headlamp.
Step 7: Using the socket and the extension, remove the bolt on the inside of headlamp. It is located right below the thin part of each headlight. Disconnect all other bulb harnesses. Remove the bottom metal piece (10mm bolt) from the stock headlamp, install the metal piece onto the JDM headlamp.
Step 8: Remove the low beam bulbs and the plugs that hold them in place.
Step 9: Using a dremel tool you need to remove a large portion of the stock bulb connector housing. It is pretty easy, but takes a while to get proper fitment. Be sure that you don’t do too much because it will cause the bulb to be lose. Take your time and continuously check using the HID bulb to make sure you get it perfect. You need to do this for both sides.
Step 10: Install the HID bulb using the stock connector housing to hold the bulb in place.
Step 11: I installed the ballests onto the fender. The fitment was good and it keeps it protected from the elements. I did this on both sides.
tep 12: Wire up the remainder of the kit following the supplied instructions. I covered the wires with electrical tape for a little extra protection and to give it an OEM quality look.

Step 13: Make sure everything works before reinstalling the bumper and the headlamps.
Step 14: Reinstall bumper reversing steps one through four.